Thoughts From a Coach: Where it Went so Wrong

To see where it all started, we have to go all the way back in Genesis 3, to the first place ‘shame’ was mentioned in the Bible. In Chapter 1, God told Adam and Eve they were completely free to enjoy the garden. He only gave them one rule…

Thoughts From a Coach: Identity Crisis? or Clarity?

For me to really understand who I am in Christ (my true identity), how that effects every relationship in my life, and begin to allow God’s love to revolutionize my heart and how I relate to the world, I had to go back to the beginning…

Thoughts From a Coach: Embracing Our Identity in Christ

Thoughts from a Coach: Embracing our Identity in Christ

When it comes to my identity as a coach, one thing I’ve learned serving God over the last 16 years in Europe is that God’s plans for us really are beyond anything we ever hoped for or imagined! He has opened so many doors, and given me so many opportunities to glorify Him and love on people.