Fundamentals of Basketball & Life – SCORING

Most highlight films show some amazing made shots on the basketball court. No matter how it happens, when the ball goes through the basket, it counts as a score. That IS the ultimate goal of the game, scoring more points than the other team.

Fundamentals of Basketball & Life – DRIBBLING

Dribbling is the act of putting the ball on the floor so that you can move according to the rules of the game. Every team needs a good dribbler, a “ball-handler”…To be a good dribbler you must maintain control at all times, even when the ball is out of your hands.

Fundamentals of Basketball & Life – PASSING

On the court, nothing gets your teammates more involved than passing the basketball. The passer must have someone to pass the ball to, and by moving the ball in a fast and efficient way, you create difficulties for the defense.