“Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve – designating them apostles – that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach.” Mark 3:13-14

Jesus was very purposeful in choosing his team – He had a team for companionship and to help Him accomplish His purpose.


I love basketball because it is a team sport. All 5 players on the court need to play in synch, and all the members of the team have to be in the flow of the game.

On the court, nothing gets your teammates more involved than passing the basketball. The passer must have someone to pass the ball to, and by moving the ball in a fast and efficient way, you create difficulties for the defense. When I coach my teams in the States, I run a continuous “passing game” offense. This demands that the ball is passed and swung across the court often so that the cutters find themselves more open.


Teamwork is critical for a passing game offense, teamwork is critical for success of a basketball team, and teamwork is critical in your life. In today’s age, it is impossible to get along without the teamwork of others around you. In school you, your parents, your teachers, and the school staff provide a team in order to further your education and prepare you for life. In your family your parents fill a role and you fill a role, so that the family can function. Even in friendships you have teamwork in order to accomplish something of value.

Being the best at what you do, and being a good teammate helps you to fulfill your part of the team.

Check out the video below about one of the most efficient passing offenses in college basketball…ALL based on PASSING.

Steve Sorensen | News Release Basketball Associate Director
Steve Sorensen | News Release Basketball Associate Director

Steve has served with NRB for nearly 40 years.
For the past 15+ years he has been the Executive Director.
Steve has also been a high school basketball coach for 30+ years.