The network of News Release Basketball is comprised of nearly 1,000 alumni since its inception in 1973. The power of any network is based on the strength of its connections. It is our desire to galvanize those 50 years of connections in order to utilize the power of our network to keep the mission of NRB moving forward. 

As an alumni, you know the impact God had in and through your life from News Release. We want to see that impact continue and grow through further involvement in the family of NRB. 

In order to strengthen our network, we need YOU! Here’s how:


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  1. I was able to travel with the Men’s College 2 Team to Sweden and Germany this past summer (2022) after a 15 year hiatus from tours (ie. I’m an old man now :). It was so encouraging to see the Lord at work among our team and European brothers and sisters. I love to see the power of people sharing their personal stories and encounters with the Living God and how it never fails to connect with others. Several of our guys shared testimonies of God’s goodness in their life in bringing them through personal struggles and what a privilege it was to see the impact that can have, as it has on my own life through NRB! Cool idea for blog site, look forward to reading some encouraging posts on how God continues to use this ministry!