2023 Tour Review

God Did!

2023, the iconic basketball #23, Psalm 23…
no matter the number, GOD DID IT! 

We echo Psalm 23 as the writer states,

“HE makes…”,

“HE leads…”,

“HE restores…”

Our Father continually increases our hearts’ passion to reach the WORLD with the Gospel through Basketball. 

This year fanned that flame even further!


Men’s Team 1

Team Roster 🔗

Locations: Lorrach & Munich, Germany

Lorrach ≅  90 campers + 10-20 helpers. 
Munich ≅  90 campers + 10-20 helpers. 

Games: 4 (4W, 0L)

Lorrach Impact: Partnering with the Lorrach CVJM as well as full-time NRB missionary, John Gilliland – the camp was full of energy and we saw at least 35 kids choose to follow Jesus. This was the 27th year NRB has done basketball+ministry in Lorrach.

Munich Impact: Also partnering with the CVJM – Munich and the Zach Jones School of Basketball, this camp provided an opportunity to build deep relationships rather quickly. Once again, we saw at least 20 kids choose to follow Jesus and nearly every attendee improved their basketball skills.


Women’s Team

Team Roster 🔗

Locations: Munich & Frohburg, Germany

Munich ≅ 90 campers + 13 helpers.
Frohburg ≅ 35 campers + 4 helpers.

Games: 3…2W, 1L (to a men’s team)

Munich Impact: Approximately 25 kids chose to start a relationship with Jesus! This camp in Munich also has a huge generational impact and many helpers were former campers themselves who had chosen to follow Jesus through these NRB camps. 

Frohburg Impact: This was a new city for NRB and we were able to share Jesus with a number of people who had never heard the gospel before! Many of our camper were atheists, but by the end of camp they were more open to God, friendly towards us, and wanted NRB around come back year.


Zambia & Madagascar Team

Team Roster 🔗

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

≅ 110 campers + 15 helpers.
≅ 25 coaches for Coaches Training.

Impact: ≅ 30-35 campers gave their lives to Christ. We did a Spiritual Mentorship sec

tion with the Coaches, and many of them told us it opened their eyes to the eternal impact they could have on the lives of their players with the right focus and priorities.

Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar (Partnership with Next Move ministry)
≅ 600 campers spread over different clinics in 10 days.
≅ 90 coaches for Coaches Training.

Impact: Many doors were opened to the Madagascar Basketball Association, churches, and clubs. They were very grateful we were there, and excited about us coming back.




Men’s Team 2

Team Roster 🔗
Paris & Valence, France

Paris ≅ No camp (orientation & training/discipleship) 
Valence ≅ 18 campers + 3 helpers.

Games: 3…1W, 2L

Paris Impact: Due to cancellations and failed opportunities during the 3rd week of August, the team stayed at the YWAM in Paris for Bible studies, sightseeing, and open-gym practices. Great connections were made for next year, and 2 different clubs were able to connect and scrimmage our team at the end of the week.

Valence Impact: In hot conditions, we conducted a week-long basketball camp; coaching, teaching, and sharing life/Bible principles. Good friendships were made with a lasting impact. We played 2 opponents during the week with some inspirational basketball. 

The end of the tour resulted in some very positive reflections. More than half our players are interested in continuing their basketball career in Europe, and all were impacted for the Lord in a positive way through the events and relationships on tour.



As always, we are so thankful for the partnership and support through recruiting, prayer, finances & overall encouragement. 

We praise God for our amazing ministry & basketball partners and we look forward to working even more closely with our beloved teams in the future! 

Stay tuned for upcoming NRB news throughout the year! 

In Christ, Through Hoops, To the World!