BOARD of DIRECTORS: Project Central

TASK 📌Timeline ⏰Who 👤
✅ Submit Board Development Plan revisions (ALL APPROVED)October 13thTim
✅ Distribute video & notes of meeting (see sections below)October 18thTim
✅ In-depth reports & survey of each topicOctober 20-25Tim
✅ Voting on NRB FocusOctober 30 – November 3All
✅ Formation of Committees November 6 – 17All
⚒️ Next Board MeetingDecember (TBD)All

STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE (October 20, 2023)


An effective board will work together as a committed team to accomplish the mission of the organization.


The Board of Directors for News Release Basketball will consist of men and women over the age of 18 from across the United States as well as international representatives. Types of individuals particularly sought out for their expertise and knowledge in the outset of News Release Basketball will include community leaders, business leaders, ministry leaders, basketball coaches, and others who can bring organizational insight. 


Ideal characteristics of Board members include diversity in range of expertise, values, interests, skills and will exhibit some of the following traits:

  • Committed and active relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Facilitation of team collaboration as a board and in committees.
  • Foster alignment in strategic focus on key issues and questions.
  • Invests in the attraction, recruitment, retention, and development of the organization’s members.
  • Manages time well both within meetings and on an individual basis to maximize the experience and effectiveness of each Board member.
  • Measures its own performance as a board to operate in an iterative process of continuous improvement.


  • Review and support of the organization’s mission, vision, values, and purpose.
  • Attraction, recruitment, and retention of the Executive Director.
  • Continuous evaluation of the Executive Director’s performance along with coaching for improvement (with the responsibility that if the Executive Director’s performance is subpar and coaching is ineffective, the Board is charged with terminating the Executive Director’s employment).
  • Establishing effective framework and procedures to accomplish organization planning.
  • Mobilize adequate resources in a timely and efficient manner for the organization.
  • Establish, assess, and continuously improve services and programs provided by the organization.
  • Foster policy and procedure compliance through assessment of current best practices and necessary upgrades over time.
  • Promote and advance the organization’s public standing.
  • Strategically recruit and onboard new board members; and provide regular assessment of overall Board performance.
  • Direct tour participation (minimum once per two-year term) in the framework of “Go, Send, Serve.”
    • “Go”: Personally participate on a full or partial tour.
    • “Send”: Directly recruit, vouch for and mentor a tour participant.
    • “Serve”: Provide direct “time, treasure, talent” tour support (i.e. financial, in-kind, tour training or participation, etc.).



  • News Release Basketball will have a minimum of 9 voting members and a maximum of 21 voting members.
  • Terms will last two years with a limit of three terms served consecutively.


  • FREQUENCY: Full Board meetings will be Quarterly (September, December, March, and June)
    Committee meetings will occur as needed, and specifically in close proximity to the full Board meetings.
    Each December, the Board meeting will consist of an approval process to accept the audit committee’s recommended fiscal year budget.
  • FORMAT: One meeting per year will be in-person – with reasonable efforts made to attend. All other meetings will be held virtually for 90 minutes.
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Executive Director and Board officers will put together an agenda and organization summary that will be distributed two weeks before the Board meeting. Committee chairs will present reports representing the following committees:
    executive; alumni and fundraising; marketing and recruiting; basketball development; ministry development.
  • ATTENDENCE: Commitment to Board involvement in line with the Duty of Care will be exercised by keeping track of Board attendance. If a member of the Board misses two consecutive meetings for uncommunicated absences, the Board President will place the absentee Board member on notice and will communicate that a third uncommunicated absence will result in dissolution of Board membership. This attendance policy will be provided in the orientation process and will have been agreed upon by all Board members during this process.


The Board president and Treasurer, along with the Executive Director and committee chairs can function on behalf of the board in organizational emergency situations.

  • THE BOARD PRESIDENT (or Chair) ensures the organizational effectiveness and efficiency of the Board inclusive of meetings, collaborative efforts, and any additional board activities.
  • THE TREASURER provides the financial management and transparency of all reports and records for the Board. This includes appropriate use of documentation, as well as oversight of any financial records that are maintained by the organization for audit purposes.


News Release Basketball will have five board committees:

  • EXECUTIVE Committee: Comprised of Board officers, Executive Director, and committee chairs. The executive committee will be allowed to function on behalf of the board in an organization emergency; decisions will need to be ratified at the following Board meeting. Board officers and Executive Director will organize and lead all Board meetings.This committee will have responsibility for budget audits, 990 filings, and general financial management oversight. This committee will also be in charge of yearly organizational scheduling.
  • ALUMNI & FUNDRAISING Committee: Comprised of the president, Executive Director and at least two additional Board volunteers, this committee will have responsibility for strategic fundraising, and connection with NRB alumni.
  •  MARKETING & RECRUITING Committee: Led by a volunteer committee chair, two Board members and the Executive Director, this committee plans and leads all marketing efforts and ensures recruitment of tour participants, and organization paid staff members as needed.
  • BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENT Committee: Led by a volunteer committee chair, two Board members and the Executive Director, this committee performs basketball performance audits and strategy planning for basketball development and advancement.
  • MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT Committee: Led by a volunteer committee chair, two Board members and the Executive Director, this committee performs ministry performance audits and strategy planning for ministry development and advancement.


The Executive Director will first and foremost be a representative of the mission, vision, and values of News Release Basketball. The Executive Director will report directly to the Board of Directors and be the political face of the organization. Adherence to the core values will be embodied from the top, starting with the Executive Director. The Board of Directors will support and develop the Executive Director to best uphold his or her responsibilities such as: alumni engagement; cementing relationships with ministry partners and hosts; raising funds; providing executive leadership to the staff teams; aligning all efforts with the mission and vision of News Release Basketball; and bringing all pertinent and necessary information to the attention of the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

The Board of Directors will identify and recruit a qualified Executive Director seeking out ideal qualifications such as: a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution, a minimum of four years of nonprofit leadership experience, and a minimum of four years with direct leadership roles within basketball and/or ministry (or reasonably equivalent life and work experience). In alignment with News Release Basketball’s core values, the expectation of the Executive Director will be an attitude of worship, family, service, fun, and quality. Performance evaluation of the Executive Director will be assessed by the Board of Directors. Mismanagement of the Executive Director role can be cause for termination, as outlined in the News Release Basketball policies and procedures. The Board and Executive Director will partner in leadership of News Release Basketball, providing visionary support for the future of the organization.


Executive Director (tbd)

Associate Director (tbd)

European Director (tbd)

Basketball Missionary (tbd)


▶️ Renovation Rationale (28 minutes) 


1971 | 1st team traveled to Asia.

1972 | Team traveled to Africa with Venture for Victory-Sports Ambassadors.

1973 | 1st “News Release Basketball” team, a part of Christian Associates, traveled to Europe.

1977 | 2 teams traveled.

1978 | 1st women’s team traveled.

1980 | Christian Associates Directors moved to Ferney-Voltaire, France.

1981 | Christian Associates started 1st church in France.

1985 | NRB Officially incorporated as a separate organization. (Bylaws & structure created)

1991 | Reboots after a 4-year hiatus. 1st high school team traveled on tour.

1991-1997 | Basketball camp ministry began.

1998 | Women’s Team tours began again after a 10-year hiatus.

2004 | 4 teams. 1st set team traveled (Colorado Christian University).

2006 | First full-time European Director (Mike Mai) moved to Magdeburg Germany.

2007 | 4 teams, 5 tours (including 1 Coaches tour).

2009 | 5 teams. 1st Showcase tour traveled.

2010 | Reached 500+ alumni.

2011 | Over 500 kids in camps.

2012 | 7 teams, 9 tours. Over 1300 kids attended camps and clinics. 1st NRB European Summit meeting.

2013 | News Release Basketball-Europe was established.

2014 | First U.S. tour with the Legacy Program (Stateside, Shane Kuyper).

2018 | 25th year camp in Lörrach Germany. School Year Camp Program was initiated.

2019-2020 | COVID, no tours. Andrew Cummings & John Gilliland host local camps.

2022 | Celebrated 50 years.

2023 | First “official” camp in Zambia, Africa.


  • Post-Christian world
  • Identity found in athletics.
  • Discipleship and abiding investment.
  • Internationally GROWN
    • Matching or BEATING USA
  • Basketball culture
    • Destructive-competitive culture

▶️ Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values (32 minutes)


“In Christ, Through Hoops, To the World.”

 “To glorify God and advance His Kingdom on earth by using our gifts, talents, and interests in basketball.”


“To present the Good News of Jesus Christ and develop disciples of our Lord by building Christ-centered relationships using the sport of basketball.”


  • WORSHIP (John 4:23-24)
    • We Exist to Glorify Christ.
    • We Practice What We Preach.
    • We Live by Faith.
  • FAMILY (Acts 2:42-47)
    • We are Relational.
  • SERVICE (Matthew 20:26)
    • We are Service Oriented.
  • FUN (John 4:23-24)
    • We are Attractive.
  • QUALITY (John 4:23-24)
    • We maintain proper perspective.
    • We are Flexible.
    • We are Continuous.

▶️ Brainstorming (2 hours)



  • Camps
  • Games


  • Player Placement/Exchange
    • “Agent”
  • Skills Training/Player development
  • 3 v 3
  • Fundraising tournaments
  • Park/Pick-up basketball
  • Meeting physical needs
    • Shoes, food, clothing
    • Foster care, jail outreach, etc.
  • Host Family Ministry
  • Stateside ministry
  • Team development

FILTERING/NARROWING (Strenghts & Struggles)

  • Tim’s request: “Focus on ONE thing & build from there.”
  • Tim’s opinion: Focus on CAMPS
Focus on CAMPS Discussion
Strengths & OpportunitiesStruggle & Threats
  • Camps growing again (post-COVID resurgence).
  • Skills training/focus feeds into camps.
  • Most effective opportunity for discipleship.
  • Coaches & leaders becoming focus of recruiting.
  • Opens recruiting pool.
  • IDEAL to have option of games.
    • But to be way more intentional with these and set correct expectations.
  • Camps + Games
    • Recruiting high-level players is MUCH harder.
      • Possibility of ANY recruiting will be difficult without playing games.
      • Problem of “delusional” players.
      • Most players are post-college.
    • Lose credibility by not bringing high-level players?
    • Alure of “games” gives mixed messages to players.
    • Getting “good games” harder (time of travel is off)
    • Huge stress on players & leaders to do both
    • Splitting TEAMS & FOCUS?
      • One team to focus on CAMPS?
      • One team to focus on GAMES/Competition?
    • Splitting TIME?
      • ONE team, different TIMES
        • One period focused on CAMPS.
        • Same tour/team different period focused on GAMES.



  • Camps
  • Resources (physical needs/resources)
  • Coach training
  • Curriculum
  • Placement
  • National team
  • A to Z
  • Sherwood Baptist
  • Camps
  • CVJM (Lörrach, Munich)
  • Uwe (Saxony)
  • Camps
  • Sport Et Foi (Valence)
Hong Kong (China)
  • Camps
  • CVJM


  • “The WORLD”
    • NRB has a long list of former or future location opportunities.
      • i.e., Pakistan, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, N. Ireland, South America, etc.